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Tuesday, January 1, 2008


As my son has just turned 1 yr old, and I am passing the beginning, and quite frankly terrifying part of phase of new mommyhood, I am starting to get more comfortable in my role. The colic is past, the scary part of infancy and having no idea what to do or what it will be like is over. I feel somewhat more confidant (OK not really) and I've come to most important conclusion about being a mommy. I am no supermom.

Every mom's experience is different. I want to chronicle my experience and Zorro's growth for family and friends, especially those far away.

I want to connect with other mommy bloggers to learn their ways of doing things and compare notes. I think the best way to be a better mommy is to learn from others. So while I'll never be a supermom I will work hard at being the best mommy I can be.

Had to lick the plate.


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