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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yesterday, Tomorrow...TODAY!

Quite often I find myself being negative about...well, everything. How did that happen? I used 2 be so happy & cheerful & positive. I was full of life & energy. I know dwelling on the past is not a way 2 accept my life as it now. The thing is, my life is not depressing. I have a great husband who loves me, works very hard 2 please me & take care of me & an adorable, life loving son who drives me crazy & melts my heart at the same time.

So why am I so depressed? Probably fear. I am constantly afraid. I so don't live in the now. I live in the the world of what ifs and uncertainties. If I'm not dwelling on the future & planning out the next decade of my life, I'm mourning my past self. Carpe Diem is my anti-motto.There was a time in my life that I actually stopped & said, "I'm content, I'm happy". I'd like to feel that way again. I'm missing out on my life RIGHT NOW! What good will tomorrow be if I missed today. I'm missing Zorro's today's....I can't miss them, nothing is worth missing them.


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