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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tanaka Farms

Since we are in the "farm fresh" mode I thought it would be neat to take Zorro on a farm tour. South Coast Farms, where are get our CSA Basket doesn't really have a farm tour program but there is another farm that is really into going big with the farm tours and focuses its efforts on teaching kids (and adults). Tanaka Farms has an amazing program and it's really fun for both kids and adults (if your into it).

They have 4 main tours programs a year. A strawberry tour and a watermelon tour. They also have a Pumpkin Patch, and Christmas Tree lot.

We took Zorro on the Watermelon Tour with a friend of ours and her daughter. We had more fun that even imagined.

We went on a wagon ride through the 30 acre farm where the driver told us about the farm, farming practices, and how the produce is grown.

D & Our friends

Along the way we make stops and try different seasonal produce.

At one point we stop where the watermelons are get off the wagon they teach us all about watermelons and varieties then we pick a melon to take home with us.


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