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Monday, November 3, 2008

Mommy Vs. Toddler

Today I was driving and was talking to Zorro, then all of the sudden out of nowhere he says, "No Mommy! No Talk." Surely he was joking, so I keep talking, and again, "No Talk!" Um OK, whatever just trying to have a stimulating conversation with my toddler. I guess not (ha ha).

After a few min of silence a song pops into my head and I start to sing it. Then I heard some thrashing in the back seat and look back. S is kicking and trashing his body and I say WHAT?! he tells me, "NO MURKIK!" (music) Well at least he thinks my voice is lovely enough to be called music. :) But my poor stubborn child has an equally stubborn mom (musta got it from me), so I keep singing, and he keeps thrashing, and I sing louder, and he trashes louder, and I look back and he looks away, and I keep singing, he's silent.



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