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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tot School- New Toys

We had about 3 1/2 days of Tot School this week, but we had a lot of fun! It
feels like it was a really full week. We went to Ikea (I'll write a different post on that later) and got a few learning toys and some storage as well as a few other things. He loves the new toys way more than I even imagined.

This first toy from Ikea called Mula, I thought it would be too advanced for him but that he would like the blocks and i could work on shapes and colors with him at least but he did amazing with it. Totally shocked me! He was able to identify the shapes and match the shapes with the outline and with very little help was able to put it all together.
Activity Cost: $8 Mula building blocks and wagon from Ikea

This activity was the first time we did threading/beading (whatever you call it). This was REALLY challenging for him He stick with it though, and I gave him a lot of positive reinforcement to keep him going. He was able to finally get it but once he did he was done.
Activity Cost: $1 Foam shapes threading/beading? kit from Dollar Tree

This activity I saw something similar on 1+1+1=1 (the second photo) I used foam blocks, windmills, a random sparkly stick we got with something and toothpicks. He LOVED poking them into the blocks.
Activity Cost: $3 (dollar each for windmills, blocks and toothpicks) Dollar Tree

D and Z had some P.E. time with resistance bands (ha ha)
Activity Cost: Free we've had those bands forever!

I got this fab idea from Superheros and Princesses. I loved this activity. Zorro did too but really I ended up going to town with it. Ha ha, oh well.
Activity Cost: Essentially Free, we had all the "tools" at home (shaving cream, freezer bags, and food coloring)

This was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO exciting for me and Zorro loved it too. I found these little Popsicle makers at Ikea on our trip and I was thrilled! I've been wanting these for so long, I just never see them anywhere. So we snapped these babies up and together we mixed some juice up from powder and poured em in and froze them. After his nap we ate some.
Activity Cost: $2 for Ikea Solig Popsicle maker

I got this squishy frog at the Dollar Tree. The learning part of it....I don't know, squishing? LOL Oh well, it's fun.
Activity Cost: $1 Dollar Tree

We got this sticker book at target in the dollar section. He was sorta into it, not as much as he usually his with the foam stickers.

Activity Cost: $1 - Sticker book, Target

I had some really great outdoor time this week. I admit I am not much of an outdoor person (lately- as in the last few years) and I remembered my mom gave me a personal trampoline to Freecycle. I never did because I thought it would be fun for Z. I was SOOOO right! He LOVED LOVED LOVED it!

Activity Cost: Free Since the trampoline was given to us.

Did I mention we went to Ikea? HA HA I KNOW I'm OBSESSED! but who isn't really? Once you set foot in there no matter how old you are, you're a lover of Ikea FOR LIFE! This little toy is called the Bygga Construction Set (whatever that means). He really loved this more than I thought he would. He couldn't really put anything together. I did most of the work but he felt like a little MAN with his "tools" because he was "working" (his words). We had fun.
Activity Cost: $10 Bygga Construction Set from Ikea

We did more really fun and some new neat things this week as well but I've been working on this blog for about 4 days now. Had a horrible, emotionally charged last few days and I am too beat to finish this. If I wait it'll be next week already. I will share some of the details about whats been going on. Will try to get a post out tomorrow. Angela, I would LOVE for you to weigh on on my post when I get it up. As a Family Law Attorney, I would be very interested in what you think about this matter. DON'T WORRY!!!! It's not about me! ;)

So I'm sending this off as is. I didn't edit, not that I usually do, I normally attempt an edit at least though. Net week will be much better!!!

I am looking forward to reading the other Tot School Blogs this week as always.


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