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Monday, March 23, 2009

Tot School- Sick-y Week

This week was seriously sick week. UGH! We felt awful! Even Zorro who is anti-snugly was snugly. Even though we were locked up in the house all week neither of us were up to anything other that snuggling. YIPPEE! A dream come true for me (minus the sick part).

As Z started to feel better-ish I did start doing Tot School with him and we had lots of fun as usual.

We did hide and seek bowls with mac & farm animals that I bought in the dollar bins at Target. To add another element to the bowls, I gave him tongs to transfer with (he loves tongs). He really liked naming the animals and then when he was done with that those he scooped the noodles out with the tongs then poured the rest into the bowl.
Activity Cost: $1 -farm animals

Z is not so into colors. He doesn't really know them or want to. I bought some "color" flash cards at the Dollar Tree then gave him a bowl of assorted pom poms (also the Dollar Tree). I tried to get him to match the colors and say them. He obliged for about 2 min then started throwing the pom poms because that was more fun. Oh well, maybe later.
Activity Cost $3 -pom poms & flash cards

I bought a Mrs Potato Head earlier this week (meant to get a Mr oops! I guess it's cool though because she totally looks like me minus the lame hat and flower watch thingy) thinking he would love love love it and HE DID! YAY! He spent about 20 min playing with her and she looked just like a Picasso when he was done (think Toy Story)...or maybe more like a Dali. My dad (Saba- an artist himself) would be so proud!
Activity Cost: $8 - Mrs Potato Head

This activity I do with Z once a week. They are those little pills that dissolve in water and turn into a sponge of whatever thing they are. He thinks this is cooking and loves to see what the thing will be. I save the sponges and plan to use them in either a painting activity or something else. Guessing this one is a wild cat of sorts?
Activity Cost: $1

Z can't get enough of play-doh. I bought him this ice cream shop play-doh set and he loves it- a little too much. I can't get him to stop eating the play-doh, he's obsessing about the ice cream. I might have to put it away for a while. -note to self, don't buy "foody" play-doh items!
Activity Cost: $ 16 Play-Doh Ice Cream Shoppe

Lastly, we did some cooking together. Since Z loves to cook I've been trying to include him in kitchen activities with me more and more. It's not easy for me to do it though. I just want to get it done and more often then not I end up with a HUGE-er mess to clean when he helps. But he LOVES so I'm trying. This was the only one I got photos of. We are making tuna sandwiches.

Z got to use the "googy" can opener. He thought it was so cool watching it edge itself around the can. In fact, he liked it so much he started emptying hte cupboards of cans to open them all until I stopped him.
BTW a "Googy" is Zorro-ese for monster, superhero, bug, or any freakish thing of sorts.
Where he came up with that....I don't know.


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