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Saturday, May 23, 2009

gDiapers Learn about HYBRIDS!

With the talk over at Totally Tots and other places and the ever ongoing discussions of Cloth vs. Disposable, I want to make sure you know about hybrids. I know you KNOW about them but I mean REALLY know about them!

Most people think of gDiapers as a cloth cover with a disposable insert, and it is! But it can be so much more than that. Let me tell you about it.

Cloth Diaper next to a gdiaper - inserts above

First let me tell you about how they are condtructed. gDiapers are made in a very different way than most cloth diapers. It is a snapping semi waterproof removable liner. That is where the insert goes.

gDiaper with cloth insert and disposable on the side.

You can fill that insert with a disposable liner made by gDiapers or you can fill with cloth inserts or prefolds. Does that surprise you? Most people think the only reason to buy a hybrid is if you are going to use the disposable liner. They think it needs to be one way or another...CLOTH or DISPOSABLE and it stops many from trying out a FABUOUS product.


And let me tell you just how fabuous it is. I have used many different cloth diapers and disposable (eco friendly and regual market) diapers. gDiapers opens up the world of diapering in many ways. You know that snap in liner I was telling you about? Well, if your child soils a diaper it's likely that it won't get onto the cover so all you have to do when changing is dispose of the instert then snap out the liner and rinse it out (hang to dry) then snap in a clean one. You don't waste a whole diaper.

Then there's the convenience aspect. A lot of mommys I know that cloth diaper use disposable when they go out or travel. They don't like carying a travel wet bag and don't like carying around the soiled diaper because sometimes the smell will go throught he wet bag. With gDiapers you have the option use the disposables when you're out.

Cloth diaper next to gDiaper - much smaller for out and about

Cloth diapers can take up a LOT of space especially if you have a very young one... gDiapers are TINY! Smaller than a dispsable so you EASILY pack several diapers and s few extra liners with you. Keep a bag of dispoable inserts in the car or if you are traveling take as many as you need and buy dispoable when you get where you are going (make sure of course that there is place that sells them).

Less Investment...if you use cloth inserts just like regular cloth diapers, the investment is the initial purchase of the liners but that's all. If you are already going to buy disposable then it doesn't matter.

Here's a short list of SOME of the reasons I LOVE gDiapers:
1. Smaller diaper loads- than cloth
2. Less money to invest in diapers -both cloth and disposable
3. More options all around
4. Cool design- Cute style love the backwards Velcro
5. Disposable AND Cloth in one!
6. Simple to learn
7. Compact- Takes up less space
8. Less investment- if you use cloth inserts
9. COUPONS! gDiapers ALWAYS has coupons! Sign up with them or email them I know they'll be glad to send you some.

Look at that booty!

Lastly, gDiapers is ever working to improve the construction of their diapers you can always expect that they will find a way to make that already great diaper even better!


Gabriele said...

I am so glad you posted about gDiapers! They weren't out yet when DS was born and I SOOOOOO wish they had been! I was so squeamish about trying out cloth diapering b/c of the POOP factor...this ROCKS b/c the poop goes away! LOL!
I can't wait to get pregnant again and stock up on gDiapers :P Great post! :)

Keri said...

these look amazing! so let me see if i get this straight- the outside, decorative part is the liner and how long before they need to be changed? every other diaper change, daily, ??? i have never even heard of a hybrid diaper before! this is so new to me, but it seems not only economical but eco-friendly as well. and i have to agree with you that they look adorable!

K, @ Heart NOW Orange Juice! said...

Gabriele- the poop seriously becomes a non issue. But honestly the poop is what turns MOST people away! I will follow up and explain more about that in regards to cloth diapering.

Keri- You know I didn't explain that very well, actually the pretty outer part is the actual DIAPER. It's just a nice thick piece of cotton cloth. The white part is the waterproof LINER and it snaps into the cloth portion. The INSERT is the part that absorbs.
You change that outer DIAPER as needed. The only reason to change the DIAPER part is if it gets soiled. You change the INSERT at every change and the LINER as needed as well but you will probably change that about every other time or so. You can have 2 LINERS and rinse one off after use and hang to dry. They dry so fast you can use it for the next diaper change. If you alternate like that you only need at MOST 2 diapers and 3 liners a day then as many inserts as needed for each changing.
Cost wise...I'll have to posy about that because it's too lengthy to explain here but in short assume you use a popular brand of pocket cloth diaper. It is about $17 per diaper. If you have to change baby 10-15 times a day think about what you are spending. And that assuming you wash a whole load of diapers daily. Most people buy at least 3 days worth. It's still cheaper over disposable in the life of diapering but still pricey that for SURE!
You can buy a starter kit with 2 diapers and 10 disposables for $27 then buy inserts or prefold cloth diapers to use as inserts and you can get through a day no prob!

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