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Monday, June 1, 2009

BOOK TREE- Dinosaurs


The Book Tree is our pickings from the local library.

We go and pick 5 or 6 books from the library that have to do with our theme. Most of which we haven't heard of before, and maybe some we have.
My goal is to find new books and authors that we wouldn't otherwise know if we just went with the popular ones only. We've come across so many great books this way and found some new fave authors!

"Dino Pets" BY Lynn Plourde
This was # 1 this week hands down! I thought it was very cute but liked some of the other books better. Zorro was glued to it! He just adores itit, I might have to buy it. The illustrations are beautiful! The story is very sweet and simple about a boy who gets different dinos for pets because the one before ran away.

"Dinosaurumpus" BY Tony Mitton
This is most definitely a new favorite author for us! This book is so cute about Dinos that love to dance and the sounds each dino makes. FUN book!

"Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones" BY Byron Barton
Another new favorite author, we've happened upon several of his books and really like them They are simple and easy to read especially for LO's. He also illustrates his own books.
This book inspired out dino bone dig sensory activity.
The story takes you though the process of excavating all the way to rebuilding the dino.

"Edwina the Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct" BY Mo Willems
This was a cute story about a boy who was trying to convince everyone including the local Dino that dinos where EXTINCT but no one would listen!

"Dinosaur V. Bedtime" BY Bob Shea
SO cute! About a little boy who needed to go to bed (he is the Dino) and how he resisted but eventually sleep won.

"Trouble at the Dinosaur Cafe" BY Brian Moses
Well, I think it was a cute book but it was just too scary for Zorro. He doesn't like scary dinos and this was about a T-Rex that crashes a cafe and the dinos inside fight back.

Dinosaurs By: Benedicte Guettier
It has a cut out so you can tell the story and your face on the dino! What a neat idea and a great way to make dinos not so scary for little ones!

"The Most Amazing Dinosaur" BY James Stevenson
This book was about a homeless, friendless mous who needed a place to stay and happened upon a museum where he finds a home and friends.
The book is cute but Zorro was bored he never wanted to read it past the first few pages.


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