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Friday, June 12, 2009

The Thing About Californians

If you're from California, you may be aware of this particular prejudice or you may have not realized it until now. If you're not from CA maybe you've probably been victim to it, maybe you haven't.

The thing about Californians is that we think EVERYONE East of us is rather...what's the word...Country-ish? Hick-ish? Not necessarily unsophisticated but everyone lives on a farm, totally, and possibly all yodel too.

There are a few exceptions like maybe New York and a few others but really, not much.

If we try to conjure up the most hick-ish place we can think of Kentucky is ALWAYS on the list and never mind that Tennessee is the country music capital of the world, everyone STILL lives on a farm even in the city.....I mean, come on they DO sing Country Music after all.

Don't tell me you don't have prejudices about Californians, and particularly the people from Orange County. I know you all think we walk around like we own the world with our 50 carat wedding rings, we all dye our hair blonde and we all have boob jobs. Wait that's true...

Well, never mind, you know what I mean.


Christy said...

I am laughing so hard right now!

Anonymous said...

What, it's not true about Orange County? LOL. You know, if you go east far enough, you actually get to Europe. Try to look at an entire America with the eyes of a European, and you will not notice as many differences between the places... unless you actually get to visit them, of course.

Miller Moments said...

What do you think about people who live north of you? LOL!

valentine said...

i was raised in KY ( 14 years) and while i may be the first to say that there are some hick-ish people, but we now have running water, shoes and even a car or two LOL

srsly though KY really is a very luscious, green and beautiful place.

pucktricks said...

Well shucks, ya'll should head on over here to Texas. We think ya'll are just plumb weird what with your movie stars and moving pictures.
Seriously, I lived in CA until I was 10 and then moved here so I have a little bit of both sets of prejudices. Except I think Arkansas is the ultimate in weird and strange.

Katie said...

I think it just depends on what part of the state. I'm from TX, just moved from Southern Miss and now live in Cali... honestly, where I'm at now there are waaaaay more 'hicks' here than where I've been! LOL! But Cali still rocks to me.

Orange Juice said...

People North of us are "granola" and Mississippi...all I can think about is crawfish bakes...that's almost as bad as Christy's stuffed rodents (JUST KIDDING! Christy doesn't eat rodents!!!!!!!! They're actually some kind of clams)See her blog

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