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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today's Farm Freeze-dried Fruit "Snacks"

I am always on the lookout for healthy and convenient snacks. It's a tall order to find a snack that's healthy, convenient, tasty and kid friendly all at the same time.

Justus Foods gave me the opportunity to sample Today's Farm Freeze-Dried Fruit and I am blown away. Really, I am. It's not often you can thoroughly impress me with a fruit "snack" unless it's covered with chocolate.

These 100% pure fruit "snacks" were DELISH beyond any words I could use to tell you. They have no additives/preservatives in them. You are eating the fruit and nothing but the fruit with the exception of the cinnamon apples containing a but of cinnamon and sugar.

To be clear they are not dried fruit that have the moisture evaporated out by heat and consequently lose some of the nutritional value as well. They are freeze-dried which leaves them with the vitamins and minerals and the texture is a crispy crunch! I have tried another brand of freeze-dried fruit and it wasn't nearly as good, in fact we never bought it again. They were thin and wafer-ish and not so tasty. These are like wedges of the fruit, nice and thick!

Because they are freeze-dried and so light in weight it takes 10 times the amount of fruit to make 1 pound of freeze-dried fruit. That said, one serving (one bag) can contain about 2 servings of fruit! What a great way to get your fruits in! Now if we can get some seriously yummy veggies in like that too!

They even pleased Mr Picky Pants Toddler

Here is the best part! The FLAVOR!!! They are sweet and slightly tangy and perfectly mouth watering. We sampled all four of the flavors available. My toddler loved the strawberries and peaches, the pineapple was a bit more difficult for him to eat because of the nature of the fruit and how it freeze-dried. We have raved about them, even my super picky (nearly) non produce eating husband! This is most definitely a snack that will become a part of our home!


Alicia said...

mmmmm yummy!! i bet my kids would love them! hope the moving going good!!

Christy said...

That sounds good. I haven't seen them yet, but I'll definitely be looking.

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