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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

ABC & 123 Picnic Table Talk- Organization

*OK I KNOW I AM ALMOST A WEEK LATE! I didn't have a comp for a few days THEN my camera wouldn't upload the pics I took. So I retook some pics (not so great) and finally did the post. Better late than never right?***

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The theme this week is How You Organize Your Learning Materials & Kid Areas

Hi Picnic People!

I missed you all! It's been 2 or 3 weeks since I linked up! For those of you that read mt blog you know we moved about 4 weeks ago. We're still "settling" from our move, or rather recovering from burn out, so what you will see is not complete but I think you will get the idea.

I have 4 places that I keep things for Zorro. The living room, The storage closet, the "play room/office", and outside.

The Living room (Free Play Toys):

I keep his toy and books in these bins from Ikea (LOVE!). Each bin has different toys. Puppets, Small Books, Large Books, Little People, Cars, Lincoln Logs, instruments, and trains.
Each bin will be labeled. I changed the bins and took off all the labels when we moved.


This closet is ALL of his NON free play toys as well as crafts and activities. Everything goes in a designated drawer. Paper, Art tools, Painting items, containers, craft supplies (pom poms googly eyes etc..), fabric, craft kits and themed projects or toys for theme kits, a prize drawer, etc.
I just added a new set of drawers so it will be reorganized and labeled as well.

I keep all crafting supplied in here because it needs to be out of the way or Zorro will try to get into it. It's too tempting for him.

The Play Room/Office:

This room has yet to be put together but my goal is to make this room make a few themed areas or learning zones like the kitchen etc. It's a goal...we'll see how that comes along. I didn't take a photo of the whole room because it's not set up yet.

We also keep our desk in there and Zorro's Weekly Learning Boxes (our version of the workbox system). I fill up these boxes for the whole week rather than per day. Some are reusable throughout the week others are not. My goal is to provide a theme but not be so ridged that that's all we do. We do other activities outside of these boxes mostly his choices.


I have a sand box (I need to buy more sand though had to dump it from the move), climber, mini play house (or whatever you call it) and a little water mat/pool. I haven't really organized this yet either but I like consider all of these part of his learning environment.

As you see there's still a lot to be done to completely settle into our new place but you get the basic idea of how we do it here. :)

I will be going through EVERYONE'S posts. I LOVE seeing all the ideas! I learn so much!

- Our planned curriculum for the week
CRAFTivities -Crafts and activities
FIELD TRIP- Theme related outings in Orange County, CA


stepfabulous said...

You are such an amazing mom! I so admire all you do for little Zorro in preparing him for life. You're also incredibly organized. I think I should get you a round trip ticket help me be an organized diva. But then you'd have to come weekly to help me keep it that way!

Keep It Classy, Jen said...

You are so organized! Wish I could do that!

valentine said...

wow. that is so cool how organized you are. i love your craft closet.

Raising a Happy Child said...

I like your organization ideas of keeping different activities in different parts of the house. Good luck with settling in and getting back to blogging :) And I gave you an award on my blog -

Alicia said...

geez woman! when do you sleep?

MaryAnne said...

I try to organize different types of toys/materials in different parts of the house like this too. Good luck settling into your new home!

Keri said...

come help me organize my house when you're done... it looks great and you have a plan for everything!! my favorite thing is the themed area in your den... I love that Zorro can see all of his activities for the week and has easy access to them all!
having that in the den makes it like a whole family work space! :) we have Boo's work table in our den for that same reason!

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