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Monday, July 20, 2009

Amino Genesis Review and Giveaway- CLOSED

Amino Genesis Perfect Reflection Anti-Aging Serum is packed pull of vitamins and anti-oxidants.
What is a serum? A skin serum is a product that contains concentrated ingredients and for at home skin care is one of the most powerful products for your skin.

Perfect Reflection Serum contains vitamins A,C, D, Co-enzyme Q10 and 17 amino acids.
These ingredients should improve the texture of your skin making it more smooth and firm. Reduces redness and brown spots on your skin from sun exposure and/or post inflammation. Help improve fine lines by increasing exfoliation. Helps the elasticity of you skin by combating the free radicals that destroy collagen.

In essence it is an "anti-aging" serum, but don't think that anti-aging means you have to have lines and wrinkles to use it. It's not just for aging skin, as you will see with my photos below. Serums and concentrated vitamin & amino acids are for everyone.

When I recommend a product to someone, I want to know ALL about it. How it feels, how my skin reacted what's in it, etc. Not all skin will respond the same and not all products work on all people but seeing it can give me a good indication of how effective it is in general.

These photos date 13 days apart. I made no changes in my skin care routine, I only added the serum. I used it once a day -almost- everyday.

This photo above was lightened because of the dim lighting.
The photos below are untouched


This is my skin, the secret under the make up. I have a whole slew of skin issues. Oily, sensitive skin that has constant redness, acne, post inflammatory redness (non raised red spots left over from breakouts), hyperpigmentation (brown spots) from sun damage.

The first photo was lightened because of dim lighting but I did it to show you just how bad my skin was. This was the most detailed pic shortly after using.

The Second photo I took after about 4 days of use. My skin was already much clearer. The dark red spots on my jaw and cheeks are already calmed down but still very vivid.

The Third photo is only about 3 weeks after starting. The red spots are so tamed its amazing! My skin tone is much clearer and overall looks much healthier. I still had skin issues during use but I think the photos speak for themselves. This is what my skin usually looks like AFTER I put make up on!

I am THRILLED with the results! Now imagine if I was consistent!

You can find out more info about Perfect Reflection or order HERE

Would you like to try this Amino Genesis serum too?
A $69 value!

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Giveaway will end August 2nd


mommytoalot said...

That is so cool.
I have really bad i think this would be awesome for me

Christy said...

Oh my goodness! I don't want to try it, I NEED to try it!

beth said...

holy cow! that is amazing. i need that product! i'm already a follower, or else i would be posting about that next. and i have a whole slew of questions i am getting ready to mail to you. you are going to be sorry you told me to do that! haha. just kidding (i hope!)

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

This stuff sounds great. I have rosacea & brown spots.

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

I'm subscribed.

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

I'm following you on twitter. (dramaqueensmum)

Miller Moments said...

What great information! I think every woman could benefit. You are on my blog roll and I'm already a subscriber.

stepfabulous said...

Wow - that stuff looks great! Put me down and I'm a follower sista!

casey aubut said...

Ok I need this product! i have so many sun spots on my face!

casey aubut said...

subscribe via google reader

casey aubut said...

follow on Twitter- tally2525

Raising a Happy Child said...

I would love to get this. Maybe I'll get lucky :)

mantaray said...

I'm starting to see signs of aging skin - would love to try this product.


Christie said...

Oh wow!! I would LOVE to try this!!! Is there a woman in the real world who doesn't struggle with her skin? (Don't answer that if there is... *grin*)

Christie said...

I'm an email subscriber :)

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