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Saturday, July 25, 2009

By The Book Caregiver/Sitter Manual- CLOSED!

By The Book is a parent's manual for caregivers with details on how to take care of their children including schedules, how to work the remote and emergency information. This manual is for both caregivers and to use as an extended organizational tool for parents as well.

By The Book contains all the forms you need (you fill them out) so you can make sure anyone taking care of your child knows exactly what you do, what you expect and other info you might want them to know.

This manual is not only great for caregivers, it's especially wonderful for moms like me that tend to either leave a million notes, talk 50 miles an hour before I leave my child with a caregiver and text non-stop when things pop into my head that I want the caregiver to know.

The manual is also great for keeping my own personal notes to remind and keep me on schedule,and to have all of my son's pertinent information on hand especially in an emergency for myself or a caregiver.

I will be honest, I have been looking for a manual with detailed info that I can leave with a sitter but as you can tell above I need something detailed or I'm going to bug the sitter. I had not found what I was looking for and needed until By The Book. I was so excited when I heard what this offered and when I went through it I was thrilled. It contained everything I was looking for AND MORE!

There is one thing that may be a drawback. While it's perfect for me, the detail might be overwhelming for some. By printing just the parts you feel you need and organizing it with tabs you can make it fit your needs.

I absolutely love this manual and am so glad to own it. I would highly recommend it

You can order this book By The Book in PDF or a hard copy.

Karmel Publishing is very generously offering a 25% discount off of a hard copy if you input this coupon code: BTBK7757

Karmel Publishing is giving away a PDF copy to one reader!

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mommytoalot said...

Looks like a super book..i'd love to win.

mommytoalot said...

I am a follower

thatgirlblogs said...

sign me up - any attempt to get organized...

I am already following...

stepfabulous said...

What a great idea, why didn't they have stuff like that when Chosen Child was a tot? Now that she's 13 she's the caregiver for other peoples children! LOL

S Club Mama said...

a friend just gave me a pack of "sitter instructions" not enough room for me. My hubby said, "at the bottom there should be 'see attached list'...sarcastic but true.

S Club Mama said...

you are on my blog roll!

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