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Friday, July 3, 2009

I'm Awesome! - She told me so!

Seriously AWESOME Homeschool Blogger
awarded me with this seriously awesome...award!
If you are interested in some really creative ways to teach your toddler at home with a Montessori twist, you MUST check her out. She is one of my FAVE bloggers!

In accepting this award, I am to tell you 7 awesome things about me. I'm sure I could come up with better but hey, you get what you get! ;)

1. I have an awesome blog! With many AWESOME giveaways so get excited!!!
2. I make awesome Theme Boxes
3. I do awesome CRAFTivities with my son
4. I am an awesome resource for skin care!
5. I can wax some seriously awesome brows! YES I CAN!
6. I am awesome because I have an AWESOME son who rocks my world!
7. I am awesome because D helps me! I couldn't be so awesome without him.

Passing this award to the QUEEN of a totally AWESOME blog (and she is a QUEEN just ask her)

It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy

She rocks my world. LOVE her whitty blog on everyday humor. Great Blog even GREATER person!


pucktricks said...

Congrats! But, I don't know if you said the word AWESOME enough.

Alicia said...

darling i love you! thanks for proclaiming my awesomeness to the world!!

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