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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lil' Dressers Labels Review & Giveaway CLOSED

If your toddler is anything like mine, he/she probably doesn't really care if the clothes you hold are shirts or pants etc. Even though he doesn't care he still loves to help with the laundry or grab an article of clothing when asked. The problem is he often grabs the wrong one and certainly doesn't remember what clothes are in which drawers.

Mostly Organized Mom's has created Lil' Dressers drawer labels to help your child identify the clothing in drawers. Children can learn not only to identify which drawer they are in but also to help identify the clothes as well. Lil' Dressers comes in 2 packages, a boy's package and a girl's package with added labels for girls like nightgown and leotard.

Lil' Dressers are black and white, squared labels that are meant to be colored and personalized by your child. They are removable and can be repositioned.

I was amazed how quickly after putting them up that my son was able to identify the clothing and find them in the drawers. Another great plus that I wasn't expecting was when a friend came over to help me and I didn't have to explain where his clothes were. She saw the labels, mentioned how cute they were, and found what she needed.

I like the labels and the size is perfect. One thing I wish they had is an option for a pre-colored one with a special coating on it. My son always manages to get his messy hands everywhere!

You can purchase Lil' Dressers HERE for $12.99

Mostly Organized Moms is giving away Lil' Dressers to one reader!

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Anonymous said...

This would be perfect for my nephew! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

This would be perfect for my nephew! Thanks for sharing.

Ticia said...

Love this! My boys sort of know where toput things right now, but anything that helps remind them is good.

Ticia said...

And as you might have heard, I follow......

Ticia said...

And you're on my blog roll.

Eva said...

how cute! I love labels like this :)

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