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Monday, July 20, 2009

MolliCoolz Shakers

Want a cooler way to cool off this summer?

MolliCoolz Shakers are milk shakes that you can make in a minute without the help of a blender. The shakers contain ice cream beads, you add the milk, and shake, shake, shake!

We tried all four flavors and added both non fat milk and 2 percent milk. The 2 percent milk gave it the perfect consistency, YUM! You can also add other drinks to it to make a totally custom flavor!

My nearly 3 year old son, thought they were fun to shake for about 2 seconds, then just wanted what was inside (of course). The shaking was just too much for his need for instant gratification. But no worries, mommy stepped in to shake and he had a delicious milkshake in seconds. Plus NO clean up for me!

I think this was such a creative idea and really fun for kids to make themselves. At least the ones that can enjoy the process of making it. It would also be tons of fun at a summer party!

MolliCoolz come in four flavors: Chocolate, Cookies and Cream (our fave!), Strawberry, Vanilla

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Christy said...

How cool is that? Where on earth do you find these products?

Susana said...

Yummy!! Says I can buy them in SC too--have to try these out--me and my kids would love these!!

Thanks for sharing!

beth said...

how cool! we so need tese at our house!

she's so blog [nicholette] said...

we have actually had these, in strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. they are awesomely good for what they are!!!

Ticia said...

Ooh! Ooh! I want one! I need to search those out and see if they're anywhere I shop.

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