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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Quick Skin Tip! - Applying your product

Make sure when you apply your product that you apply not only to your face but to your neck and even your chest (decollete) as well.

All of those areas are exposed all the time and often the neck and chest are neglected. We always think about our face aging but as we all KNOW your beck and chest do too!

Don't neglect! It's NOT a waste of your product to use it! That is unless your planning a necklift in the future.


stepfabulous said...

I need to start doing this............ Seriously, I don't want "Goose neck"

pucktricks said...

Hadn't even thought of that. Goodness girl you've gotten lots of followers in the last few weeks!

Alicia said...

hey lady!! soooo i think i may be getting my first facial this week! ahhh!! i'm terrified!

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