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Friday, July 17, 2009

Quick Skin Tip! - Where to spend your money

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So what do you include in your skin care routine?

It's likely to look similar to this:


Additions you may have (and SHOULD):
-eye care
and MORE

With all the options for skin care where do you spend money and where do you save it?

-Cleanser This washes right off and what little that you skin does absorb is not enough to make much of a difference if any. There's really no reason to spend money here unless your skin can't tolerate anything else.
- Exfoliator There are lots of great exfoliators that are fabulous. I'm not saying go cheap here because you do have to be careful of the type of product that is used for exfoliation but there's no need to spend. You don't want harsh products but a super budget way to exfoliate effectively is use baking soda. Add a bit of water to your cleaner enough to make it a paste and there you have it!

- Masque ONLY if you're using a mud type of mask.
-Toner ONLY if it contains Alcohol or Witch Hazel. In fact if it does DON'T USE IT! There's a way to save!
-Sunscreen ONLY if your skin DOESN'T react to typical sunscreen

Why Spend? Because you want to spend money on the products that will be absorbed into your skin and that contain ingredients that will be EFFECTIVE in helping to get your desired results.

Serums The number one product I would recommend spending on is Serums. They contain highly concentrated ingredients that will give you the the biggest bang for your buck!
Eye Care Products The skin around your eyes is thinnest and most delicate. It's also neglected quite often and NEEDS moisture...that is unless you like those lines around your eyes.

- Masque ONLY if it contains concentrated ingredients like vitamins or others beneficial to your skin type & conditions
-Toner you don't really need to SPEND here but make sure that it contains moisturizing ingredients.
-Sunscreen ONLY if your skin reacts to typical sunscreen (sensitive or acne etc.)



Alicia said...

girl i just need you to write me a list of what to buy and i'll go buy it...i trust you!

Christy said...

I'm with Alicia!

mommytoalot said... skin is still oily like it was in highschool...I hate it.

Miller Moments said...

I soooo lack in this area. I never know what to buy.

beth said...

do you recommend using an exfoliator everyday? what if my cleanser has microbeads (or whatever) in it? does that count? i use a daily moisturizer with sunscreen (right now, it's a neutrogena one)? is that good or should i use two diferent products? i have a million more questions because i am obsessed right now with trying to keep my skin nice and not having "old" looking skin. i am sure i will be emailing you soon! thank you for this infomative post!

Beeb said...

Interesting tips! I have to be careful what I use because I have such sensitive skin - but the price doesn't seem to matter, because I've used costlier skin care items and had bad reactions. Once I find a brand that works, I just keep using it because I don't want to risk a huge rash on my face. LOL!

Orange Juice said...

it's absolutely right that the cost doesn't matter! I should rephrase and say "be willing to spend" because depending on what works for you you may have to you may not!

Most people think that in order to have good skin you have to buy expensive products and all from the same line. My goal in this post is to tell you that YOU DON'T on either!

Sweet Serendipity said...

Great tips. I've tried a few serums and I agree they are worth it, especially for the eyes.

Writer Dad said...

Commenting can be fun
Unless I have to run
Or when I am
reading "Nice Post" spam
That makes me over done

Orange Juice said...

Thank you Writer Dad for that FABULOUS comment!

casey aubut said...

i saw you asked about the sports programs for my son, who is the same age as yours! In AZ- there is program called B.E.S.T.- Beginners Edge Sports Training that starts soccer at 18 months- tball and basketball at 2! Its awesome!
Also- I saw you are an Esthetician! I am saving up right now to go to Esthetician school! Do you love It!?
We have a lot in common!

parentingBYdummies said...

Came over to say I GOT MY GDIAPERS TODAY! Yes, I'm yelling b/c I'm excited and they are awesome and I freakin' love them. I am reviewing cloth diapers at the moment and I'm pretty sure that these are gonna be a front runner! Thanks so much again:)

Orange Juice said...


If it is a gentle exfoliator then ya, you can use one daily. I wouldn't recommend it if you have sensitive skin or it's really abrasive. there's more ifs and whens but in general that's what I would say. Microbeads are totally fine. What's most important is that you use "scrubs" carefully and be gentle with application. You don't want to irritate your skin.

It's COMPLETELY fine to use a moisturizer with a sunscreen. At least you're using some sunscreen!

Email me, I'm glad to answer your questions in more detail.

Love&Marriage said...

I love the DNA products... they are amazing! Thanks for the advice girl!

The Redhead Riter said...

Stopping by to give a little blog ♥ and thank you for visiting me!

I think you are in good company with the "no shaving" thing...LOL

Kristin said...

What is your favorite serum?

Anonymous said...

I agree that it's important to know what it is you need so as not to overspend on formulations which have things in them which are of no benefit. I make a lot of my own cleansers and masques, which are a lot less money and work just as well for me, but can only use Clinique for my make-up because I have yet to find any other make-up that doesn't irritate my sensitive skin.

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