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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Smart Balance Omega-3 Eggs

Have you seen these Smart Balance Omega-3 eggs in your grocery store in your local grocery stores?

Smart Balance is known for their low fat and fat free spreads but you might
be surprised to find that they have a whole line of many different products and spreads that go beyond just low fat and fat free. Smart Balance Omega-3 Eggs are yet another addition to the line of products with additional health benefits. These eggs contain nearly 400 times the amount of Omega-3's and 25% less saturated fat than a regular egg does.

So why omega-3's?
Omega-3’s are essential fatty acids that our bodies need, but don't naturally produce. Omega-3's benefit us by lowering blood pressure, improving joint health and are an important part of brain development as well. They are also great for your skin, hair and nails among many other things.

I am definitely deficient of omega 3's I was intrigued by the idea of getting some much needed Omega-3's in egg form rather than by supplement. In trying them I was also pleasantly surprised by the taste. They have a nice light butter flavor. We all really enjoyed them and with the added health benefits I feel like I am getting more bang for my buck.

These eggs are available in Southern California and Colorado only but will likely be getting distributed nationally in time so keep you eyes open! You can find them in Vons and Ralphs.


Christy said...

I am a fan of Smart Balance products. We use the Smart Balance organic butter spread or whatever it is called. It's good.

Miller Moments said...

I love Smart Balance products. Hopefully those will come to Seattle soon.

stepfabulous said...

Wow, who would have thought of such a thing? Crazy! To bad they're not available in Oklahoma?

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