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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tidy Kidz Review & Giveaway!

I am totally of the belief that it's never too early to start your little one on chores and helping around the house. The younger the better!

Why? NO! It's not for the free labor although hey, lets not lie that's totally a bonus! It's because little ones are naturally drawn to helping. They LOVE to do "grown up" things and pretend to cook and clean etc. Involving them in the REAL thing is THAT much more exciting to them! Another reason is that building good cleaning habits at a young age will really set them up for their life, and that is SO important!

Tidy Kidz is ALL about developing these healthy, lifetime habits and helps you teach your kids those habits! The site is very unique and creative. Your children will watch videos with Bella, the passionate super tidy ALL-ON-HER-OWN daughter of Tidy Kidz Owner. Bella will show them her tips and creative ways to keep things tidy.

This video was found on Youtube. Your can watch videos and tips like these.
Maybe watching other kids will make them more excited!

For adults you will find tons of resources including chore charts, ideas and tips on how to motivate your kids, a blog and newsletter with more ideas and lots more!

How does Tidy Kidz work for me? Zorro is a bit young to enjoy it for what it is, but he sure did love watching Bella! I found that I could easily simplify some things and incorporate them so he could understand it. For example, I could get a time and do a 5 minute tidy with Zorro. We would turn it on and GO GO GO as fast as we could. It was a game to him, we both enjoyed it and made some progress! The key for us (as with many things) is that we DO IT TOGETHER and eventually he will be able to do it on his own. I will enjoy further incorporating these ideas and as he gets older and is able to do more we will add them.

If you find you need a some help teaching your kids to get tidy or that they need a little extra motivation you should head over to Tidy Kidz and see what they have to offer and check out a free video too!

Membership is $24.99 per year.

Tidy Kidz has very generously offered one reader a one year membership!
Read below to find out how you can win!

Simply Sign up for TidyKidz Newletter! You won't be sorry you did! Then come back and leave me a comment telling me you signed up!

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This is my contest and my rules. They are subject to change but probably won't. ;)

This giveaway will end July 27th


Keri said...

i signed up for the tidykidz newsletter :)

Keri said...

i am a subscriber :)

Keri said...

i follow you on twitter

Keri said...

i tweeted about your giveaway :)

Alicia said...

i signed up!! if my kids actually start cleaning now i will owe you for life!

Mom on the Run said...

I signed up! I need some help with the kids!

Eve @ Confessions of a Housewife said...

too cool! I love things like this- I just signed up for the newsletter!

Beeb said...

I signed up for the newsletter via supercoupongirl AT ! Thanks for the giveaway! :)


Tiffany said...

Signed up with e-mail nasleen(at)yahoo(dot)com

Seems like a great idea!

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