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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dedicated Woman Review & Giveaway! CLOSED

OK So I'm almost 3 years late at shedding my post pregnancy weight. In fact, it's gotten worse since then and I need to make some MAJOR changes ASAP for health reasons!

I have been lucky enough to find Kelly, the owner of Dedicated Woman whose site and blog is focused on helping women achieve their fitness and nutrition goals through supplementation and information.

Dedicated Woman offers proteins and dietary supplements to help you succeed and are made specifically for women's needs.

I was sent a "sample" (a full size container larger than my head!) of the Meal Replacement Whey Protein. I will be completely honest, I was not thrilled about trying it. I have given up on proteins because I didn't like the taste and that was that. Kelly swore that this stuff tasted amazing and with every ounce of hope I could muster up I made my first shake. She was right! It's really pretty darn good! I gave friends some samples and everyone said they loved it and some said it was the best they have tasted! I think I will try this out for a while and see how it works for me in the long run.

Don't think whey protein is for you? See what Kelly has to say about it!

Kelly is passionate about what she does and cares for her clients and visitors. She is there to help you and wants you to succeed.

Dedicated Woman is giving away a Health Happiness Pack! (Who wouldn't want THAT!) It includes: 1 bottle Whey protein, 1 bottle Desire (fat burner) and 1 bottle Complete Calcium Plus.

Just leave me a comment!

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3. casey aubut said...

I would love to try this! I need it after 2 kids in 2 years!!

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Ticia said...

Hmmmm..... Okay, I'm curious to try. I usually drink a breakfast shake for breakfast, and am always willing to try another.

Alicia said...

oohhh this is an awesome giveaway! i can't wait to see how it works out for you!! i think i'm allergic to whey, you girl!! it's almost bday time!!

casey aubut said...

I would love to try this! I need it after 2 kids in 2 years!!

casey aubut said...


casey aubut said...

subscribe via google reader

casey aubut said...

follow on Twitter- tally2525

Kelsey said...

I have been looking into the slimfast thing because it seemed somewhat reasonably priced, but this would be soo much better!
Would Love this as my goal in college is to loose the freshman 15 (and more) and not gain it!

Kelsey said...

I follow you

Kelsey said...

Follow you on Twitter too :)

Michele P. said...

sounds interesting! I need to lose weight and also have several health reasons for wanting to eat healthier...

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Michele P. said...

twitter follower @micaela6955

micaela6955 at msn dot com

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