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Friday, August 28, 2009

Little Passports - Review

Creative approaches to learning and teaching are things I look for every day. When I find something that does just that or supports it, I can hardly contain my enthusiasm! Little Passports is a creative, hands on approach to geography, culture and travel. And I am SO excited to tell you about it!

Little Passports takes your children on "a global adventure" each month to a new destination. The first month they will receive a small suitcase and passport to use for their adventures as well as an introduction letter from the characters Sam and Sophia and a boarding pass. Each month after that, they will receive a package in the mail with trinkets from their destination, as well as a photo, a letter about the destination, an activity sheet, stickers, a map marker and a boarding pass that will access online activities.

What a way to enrich or your child's geography education or expose them to other countries! It's not textbook learning. It makes the pages jump out at them and the experience more real and exciting for your kids.

Little Passports is very reasonably prices (in my opinion) at $10.95 a month.
A portion of your subscrition is donated to SOS Children's Fund to help orphaned and abandon children as well as Ubuntu Education Fund. Subscritions are easy to cancel at any time.

All reviews are my personal opinion and experience with products and services.
Others might have a different opinion.


Susana said...

These look awesome don't they? I would love to do this with Joe, but we are done for this year adding stuff:-). Next year, definitely!!

Atlanta said...

Thats really cool. I like that. I want my kids to be as cultured as possible and learn more than just the American way of life! Great Post! =)

Christy said...

We use this. It is fun!

Alicia said...

i LOVE it doll! i bet zorro will love it too!!

Serendipity is Sweet said...

I love Little Passports! Great stuff :D

Ticia said...

Those look so tempting, don't they? It's on my wishlist of cool things to get someday.

Katie said...

Looks like fun, what age range would you say this appropriate for?

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