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Friday, August 14, 2009

My New Favorite Drink


Not because it taste good. I haven't even tried it yet and I'm pretty sure I won't with it's delectable sounding mix of carrot juice, raspberry juice and apple!
But I will totally buy because is called KUBUS! DUH!

OK, for those of you that don't know...probably most of you... Kubis is my maiden name.
Kubis is Polish and so is this little drink! I know at some point our last name was changed in spelling maybe this was the original spelling. Who knows, bit I LIKE it anyway!

My parents found this drink at a Polish cafe they have visited a few times in Texas where they live and sent it to me as part of my BDay present. PS my BDay is TOMORROW!!!!!!!!



Ticia said...

So, there used to be a road over by where we live that had my maiden name on it. So, we'd joke about turning onto Chandler Road because that road led to my house. Then I got married and about 6 months later they changed the name to University Blvd. So, now the joke is I got married and they changed the name from Chandler to University because I no longer lived off of it.
Oh, and happy birthday!

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