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Friday, August 21, 2009

Traveling and Potty Training

Whether your traveling a long distance or just running errands, adding potty training the mix will probably fill you with terror and mortifying thoughts of someone saying clean up on isle 3 after your toddler just wet his pants....again.

Sure, there's pull ups but you can't use them forever. Eventually you will have to face the day when your child is pull up free. Why not start now?

We went through the first few weeks of potty training with underwear in the house, pull ups while out and diapers at night. Once we felt that he was able to communicate that he needed to go potty or that we were on top of it enough (with the Potty Watch) we ditched the pull ups but made VERY sure that were covered!

This is how we made traveling while potty training a success (WOOHOO 1 success!):
  • Before we left the house he would go potty.
  • We always brought 2 sets of underwear and changes of clothes.
  • We used a small potty (from Ikea) that we kept in the car.
  • We used Potty Toppers on the big pottys if we needed to use them.
  • We made sure we had the potty watch with us to alert us when he needed to go. And checked it whenever we were just about to leave the car to go into a store or coming out to the car before we drove to the next destination
  • If times for the potty watch were close to alert, we would have him go in the Ikea potty (yes in the car in the parking lot) if not I would ask him if he had to go and he would tell me either way.
*We used a plastic bag in the potty with a napkin over the opening to prevent spraying. Or we just used it normally and I'd toss in some napkins and put the whole potty in a plastic bag to clean out later*

You may not like the idea of using a potty in the car. You don't have to but we never wanted to be stuck anywhere and not know where to take him. It worked so well for us we have had NO accidents to date! So I'd say it's worth trying!

  • I love this post from Arts and Crofts! Make a story/coloring book together to teach proper potty habits: PERFECT POTTY PRACTICES
  • See how The Mom Buzz got her kids into underwear at 19 months! Part 1, Part 2
  • Raising a Happy Child studies EVERYTHING before she embarks on a new adventure! Shee how she went about potty training her daughter. Potty Training Without Tears

Thank you to anyone else I may have missed as well!



Christy said...

My youngest has been potty trained for a year and I still keep a potty in the car at all times. You never know when you may get stuck somewhere without a toilet around. It has happened to us.

Raising a Happy Child said...

Thanks for featuring me! We are pretty lucky - Anna can "hold it" for a long time. We flew for 6 hours to NJ (she was in a pull-up), and it was completely dry when we landed. Good luck on your potty training road.

fancygrlnancy said...

WHat a great idea to keep a small potty in the car. So simple and easy, but I didn't even think of it. I will have to do something like this. ALso cuts out the need to use yucky public bathrooms.

Emi said...

I am just getting ready to start potty training my almost 16-month old. She has been "EC"ing and we have a small Bambino Mio potty that sounds like it will be perfect to throw in the car, but love the Boon seat in the giveaway which can be for the bathroom!

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