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Sunday, September 20, 2009


While on my massive August giveaway run I received several awards that I need to share with you all!

Passing this lovely onto:
It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy- One of my all time fave blogs even though she ALWAYS spells my name wrong. ;)

Friends Goes to:

My Life or Is it- This foster mom is a true hero and a great bloggy friend!
The Home Teacher- Is a fave read with all of her educational material and ideas and a great bloggy friend!
Superheros and Princesses- She's awesome ;)
Adventures in Mommydom- Because I can NEVER pass up an opportunity to pass an award to Ticia. LOL She's a great blog buddy and tons of fun!
5 Silly Frogs- Fun family blog and some great "tot school" ideas
Family of Four- My gorgeous SIL and her equally gorgeous family.

Natalie's Sentiments- A blogger I have just become familiar with. LOVE her blog! One of my top faves now!
Float On...-This crazy lady's blog is full of anecdotes and humor that will bring sunshine into your days and always make you smile.
Love, Actually- Ideas galore to keep the romance alive (and on the cheap too!) LOVE this blog!
Our Homeschool Fun- This girl is CREATIVE WOW! Homeschooling her kids she comes up with some seriously awesome things.

Parenting By Dummies
- Seriously funny and totally sarcastic. Make you want to cover your eyes and peek through to keep reading sometimes.
Let's Have a Cocktail- Brilliant with pen and paper...errr screen and keyboard. She will make you pee your pants with her whit, charm, and humor.
Not So Mom-a-licious- Makes you think, "did she just say that?"And laugh with guilty pleasure as you keep on reading.
Letters From Valentine- Really, you have to go over and read this blog. I just can't explain it. Love it!
Natalie's Sentiments- I'm giving her 2 awards because she IS over the top! Her style is amazing! I wish I had her eye and could find the amazing things she does! You MUST check her out. She has a really great giveaway going on!


Alicia said...

WHATEVER!!!!!!! what's an i or y matter at the end of the day?! our love prevails all!!! i friggin love you.....even if you verbally blog abuse me!!! lol..congrats and thanks love!

love lives in the kitchen said...

lovely awards! you certainly deserve it!
have a great monday!

Christy said...

You are so sweet! Thanks.

Natalie Jane said...

Thank you!!!

mommytoalot said...

Congrats on your awards. They are very well deserved. You're an aweome person.
and thank you for giving me an award. What an honour..Now if only I knew how to put it on my side....hint hint
Happy Monday

Serendipity is Sweet said...

Congrats on your awards! Well done :D

Ticia said...

You're awesome girl! I'll have to check some of these out.

valentine said...

congrats on your many lovely awards!

Cindy said...

Thanks Lady. You are so awesome. You are a true cyber friend who has ubber amounts of fabulous ideas. Love ya!

mommytoalot said...

Checking out the rest of your links.

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