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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Seriously Bumming....

This will be a poor me post. Because I'm totally feeling like "poor me" right now. Since you love me though, you'll read it...right? LOL

So D is in his LAST year of law school (THANK GOD THERE'S AN END). Every year we apply for student loans because they only give you enough to cover school and living expenses if you are young, SINGLE and living with a roommate or 5.
They absolutely won't give you more money for having a family. NOPE, NO WAY!

If you don't already know rent in So Cal is kinda expensive and we were paying about $1650 a month (that's cheap for where we were living!) plus other bills so it was necessary to borrow more, short of me going out and earning min wage and paying for child care. Yeah...

So this last summer some of you know we moved. We moved to my in laws and they went out of the country for about a year. This move we felt really good about and would be paying about half of what we did previously (rent plus utilities) so that was a HUGE added bonus. Well, what we didn't know was that that move was NECESSARY! Definitely one of those things where God totally is providing for you before you even know he is.

You see.... Thanks to the economy, private student loans are becoming virtually impossible to get except for a few lenders and lenders right and left are dropping out of the game. We thought we finally had it all figured out and that we were set for this year.

BUT our lender neglected to tell us something last year....once you borrow a total of $100k THAT INCLUDES TUITION they won't lend you anymore. Well guess how much tuition is? about $40k a year. Multiply that by 3 years... YUP you got it! DUH WELLS FARGO! OF COURSE WE'RE OVER $100k!

So we were DENIED with no hope for additional loans. NONE and really do you THINK anyone will give us private/private loans YEAH friggin right! In this economy? With NO income and outstanding loans... NOT!


I'm not having panic attacks like I would be if we had stayed in the on campus houses. I can pinch a penny and I THINK I can get our bills covered. The rest...dunno... but we have some resources and wonderful people and church to help our other needs should we need that. And we have a food storage that will cover us for a few months for sure. I will also try to increase my clients and wax more and possibly see if anyone needs some child care. HA! Hey, anything right?

Here's what I am most bummed about though:
  • I had to cancel soccer for Zorro. I had him signed up and ready to go for soccer and he would have LOVED it! Just can't afford the $30 a month. I can't tell you how bummed I am about that!
  • Soren's Bday won't be the super fun bday I planned. :( Totally sad
  • Christmas will be re-gifts from his bday ROTFL
  • I was going to re join the gym for only $100 (they are desperate) And I FINALLY was able to fit it into my schedule to go again!
  • I need new shoes
  • D needs some new clothes and shoes
  • Soren needs new shoes
  • Its going to be our 5 year anniversary and we can't do what we had already planned
We'll totally get through it. But I can't WAIT for Law School to be over. Not that it's going to instantly better because then there's the Bar, then job hunting is a not so fabulous job market and crappy economy.

In the end though, I may be bummed but I am THANKING GOD for providing for us. It would be so much worse. SOOOOOOO much worse!


parentingBYdummies said...

So sorry this is happening. I had the same experience in grad school and almost dropped out. Was able to work it out at the very last minute, but it was hard. Worst part, I haven't worked a day (in my profession) since I graduated. So, now I owe a whole crap load of dough to the great state of Maryland and nothing to show for it but a crap piece of paper that no one even sees since I've never taken it outta the cardboard roller thing it came in. Anyway. Hope things work out for ya!

Atlanta said...

So Sorry all that is happening. Its an amazing thing that you had moved though. Very lucky. You will get through it and in the end it will be worth it. I know that its going to suck not being able to do the things you want to. One reason I started that ETSY shop was to maybe make a buck or 2 because we are pinching too! We were supposed to try to go to Cali for Christmas with the Fam but I have NO clue how the frig that is going to happen. Im super bummed about it and I know my hubby is. His Fam is going to bum to. Damn $$$. ugh. Sorry Girl. I hope you can find a way to make a few extra dollars to its not so hard.

mom2three said...

Wow, that is a lot to handle. I totally understand about tuition and school loans, its outrageous!!
I'll definitely say a little prayer for you and your fam tonight.
Happy 5 years, just make eachother something and have a nice relaxing don't need to do anything fancy just enjoy the milestone!

Christy said...

I'm sorry you are stressing over this. It really stinks. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though.

The Fifth Street Mama said...

That is a bummer. I just want to encourage you in that God provides all we need and He works all things for the GOOD of those who love him.

**Nicole** said...

Awwww!!! *gives you a hug* Hang in there! We very nearly had the same experience. My hubby got out of the Coast Guard, we moved all our crap from NC to Wyoming, got settled in, he got signed up for classes, got a part time job at Wally World and applied for loans and we were good to go...or not...the economy tanked....ppl started losing jobs and my hubby freaked out (rightfully so) He hops back IN the Coast Guard, me and my baby have to live with my parents for 2 months (he missed her first Christmas and birthday) while we have no clue where we'll live next, only to get shipped back to THE EXACT SAME UNIT we left just a few months previously. The kicker? We end up in the same condo as well!!!!! So basically we're right where we left off at--only several THOUSAND dollars in the whole because of the moves. O.o Life just is not cool sometimes! But like you said--God is good and it's times like these he shows us just how good he really is!!!! As for presents--join giveaways ;) :) LoL! Or start reviewing some fab products--like shoes and boys presents!!!! :D Hang in there!

Raising a Happy Child said...

Wow, this stinks! I do hope that your DH will find a job quickly once he graduates. It's pretty sweet of his parents that they gave you their house for now. I don't know how it works for grad schools, but maybe your DH could get some sort of help from the state based on income level (or, rather, lack of it)? (((Hugs))).

valentine said...

that totally sucks. how could they have forgotten to mention that tiny detail that you will be screwed in 3 years? nice going.

Ticia said...

Awww girl, life sucks sometimes doesn't it.
I'll be praying things work out for you. It is good to see how God takes care of us isn't it? It's not always in the ways we want, but he takes care of us.

Connie Weiss said...

That just stinks! I'm so sorry!

Valerie said...

oh we are right there with you. Together Hubby and I have over $60,000 in school debt. We're finally starting to pay a bit of it off, (we started with $80,000) It's quite crazy and I get little panic attacks if I think about it, so I try not too! We've got hand-me down everything, I don't think I have a single piece of furniture that we purchased new. LOL, on the other hand my kiddos would just pee on it or something anyway. We're renting as well....someday we're going to own a farm though, I just know it!

Thinking about ya!



Preschool Playbook said...

You'll be in my thoughts!

cutiefruit21 said...

omg...KRISTI...why havent you emailed/text me....what size shoe is S? How many months is soccer? let me know asap

Katie said...

Oh honey, I was so sorry to read this post! I thought student loans were another thing entirely and that you could get them especially if you had a set plan like law school that takes a set amount of time. It's not like D's been going for longer than usual. I don't know what to say other than I will pray. This totally sucks.

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