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Monday, October 5, 2009


In case you haven't hear the FTC has made it mandatory to disclose that you receive freebies on reviews,

Starting Dec 1st if you DON'T STATE you receive freebies or payments you are likely to get a lawsuit dropped in your lap.

So in light of this I would just like to state that any reviews/giveaways I do unless otherwise stated, I receive FREE PRODUCT for it.

I WILL NOT review a product without the product, I believe it is unethical and I give my PERSONAL OPINION on reviews.

I do NOT accept all pitches that land in my inbox..not even close. I CHOOSE all of my reviews and only review products I am excited about, hence you will likely not see many negatives in my reviews because I personally LIKE the products or services.

I think you probably know that almost ALL bloggers receive free product for their reviews, unless they state it. It's old news. So having to tell you this is lame but whatever.

Just one last time so you know for sure:


PS In the interest of full disclosure, Thank you UPrinting for the Tip. (I receive free product from them too and a paid advertisement.)


Katie said...

I just got a message from UPrinting about this too and visited the link they sent. I have to say, I think it's fine to want bloggers to disclose when they get free product in return for their reviews. I also agree that most people in the blogging community are well aware of this fact so making us state is might be redundant. Maybe it's for the rare nonblogger that stumples across our reviews.

PS: Noticed that you're doing the card giveaway. FYI envelopes are NOT included and you might as well add them to your order for about 12bucks because it's not really possible to find them for less. At least not around where I live.

Keri said...

can i just say i love your blog??? i love how everything has its place on your sidebar- its organized very well.
and oh my gosh that is scary we could get a lawsuit over free stuff! well, i am like you- i have only reviewed products i have gotten for free (hasn't been very many though!) maybe i will add some text to my sidebar stating that so there will be no questions!
BTW my newest post with the october menu is dedicated to you!

Ticia said...

Yeah, I saw that being discussed. I thought it was kind of funny. It was interesting to see this controversy go through the blogosphere.

mommytoalot said...

I had no idea.
how does one get into doing reviews??

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