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Saturday, March 6, 2010

"I'm Growing the Plants Mommy"

"Yes you are baby. Do you feel better now?"
"Ya, now the plants will grow"

Sometimes you just can't stop 'em. Especially little boys. I mean come on, all they have to do is whip it out and aim. How powerful they must feel. LOL

Last week he was mid pants down getting ready to go in a water fountain. D RAN like mad grabbed him and ran into a fast food place that was right there. We lucked out on that one. 

If D were here this time he would have been mortified. I feel no shame.


Sera said...

That picture is just priceless! And what good material to show a future girlfriend. Ha ha ha. This is why I hope I get a boy next time around. They are so stinking funny.

Daisygirl said...

haha! Love that you photographed this...I so woulda!

It is actually really quite unfair that boys can do this!
What a funny guy you have there!

Ticia said...

We had to talk with one of my boys after he "watered the plants" at church one Sunday..... That wasn't good.

Raising a Happy Child said...

Boy - this made me laugh out loud. I hope you'll show this picture at his wedding :)

mommytoalot said...

LOL..ohmy..such a boy..
thanks for your kind comment on my blog

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