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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm Springing Forward

All I have to say is THANK GOODNESS for automatic time changing clocks. And BOOO an all clocks that are not. Seriously, I think we have PLENTY of technology to not have to worry about Springing Forward or Falling Back. Because inevitably someone is always late or early because of a dumb clock without proper modern day tech. You know I'm right.

D even felt the need to ask me today "did you take into account the time change?"
Me- "Uh DUH! NO!!! I didn't because my clocks did it for me!"

While we're on the subject does anyone REALLY know why we SPRING FORWARD or FALL BACK?
I always though it was for the same reason we had  months of summer vacation... something like for harvesting or something??! Ya I don't even really know why we have summer vaca.

So I was reading this old school children's encyclopedia that was mine growing up and it said we Spring Forward because -something to the effect of- it saves the U.S. loads of money on energy during the summer by keeping it light outside longer. And because it's light outside longer people stay outside longer.

You think that's REALLY the reason? Because all I can think of is AIR CONDITIONERS. I don't see that saving the U.S. any money especially is HOT places. And even with the A/C's going aaaaaaaaaaaallll day long and assuming the U.S. is still ACTUALLY saving money, does it not seem like a LAME reason to change the time?

You know what I really think happened? I think it was a big joke by some person who had a lot of pull and convinced people it was a necessary thing. Mmmmm Hmmmmm


Ticia said...

It was done during war time, and quite probably pre-AC time.
You know what's even more ridiculous? It's optional, each state decides if they're going to participate, so Arizona, and I think Alaska don't.

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