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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Madness, I'm telling you!

So D went away to the land of the hot hot sun to study for the the bar. His bar prep course started 2 days after graduation. That's right! How's that for some down time for ya?

Anyway, The prep course runs a total of 9 weeks.


So here's me in OC sad, lonely, stressed and totally overwhelmed with lots o stuff going on and my DH gone and able to provide NO comfort... While I pretty much can't stop myself from sobbing at least 3 time a day.

Double FAB!

And so the days roll on.... 17 days down and 49 more to go or something like that.

I've totally taken to my number one closest companion is times of whatever... FOOD. Yup that's right.

A few nights ago I had sees candy and cinnabon for dinner. I've devoured a lb of sees candy in a week and tonight for dinner I had a taco bell burrito, swedish fish, abazaba, choc bar, 2 croissants and probably something I'm forgetting.

THAT my friends is a BINGE.

TRIPLE FAB!!!! Just when I lost 20 lbs. Well actually almost 70 I am eating like a cow...

I feel like SHIZA now.


Ticia said...

I'm sorry girl. I wish had a magic feel better button for you.

Jenny said...

Stop eating! Or maybe go get some kale at Veggie Grill. :) You've worked so hard - and it's too hard to take it off again. When you feel depressed, take Z to a jumpzone place and run around with him. I'm sorry that your hubby is occupied. Those times are hard - I just had to call my husband and have him talk to my 5 year old. My 5YO is so active and disobedient - it's enough to make me depressed being at home all day. Feel better!

jfcheese said...

The beach always makes me feel better. There is a cool swing set by newport pier you could take the little man too, and then just walk and collect your thoughts. It will be peaceful. And, I will see you sooner then you know it. Hospital visit today, but Friday after the electrician comes and fixes my light I am all yours until work time.

Venessa said...

I believe your goal is to be healthy long term, so, you've faced the facts by calling it what it is and now you STOP and start a brand new day tomorrow . . . and drink a ton of water. . . ;)

Remind me what I just said the next time I text you at 2am saying that I'm binge eating my feelings!



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