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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Homeschooling Again

Zorro went to preschool this year, for my sanity and his. It was AWESOME! HE loved it, had the best teacher ever and it was small school and class so it was very intimate. He socialized and learned a TON!

Zorro really began to learn and LOVE counting and especially his ABC's. But he still has a problem being able to identify them all. Even still he really likes flash cards and the like asking me to tell him about the letters over and over and over. I realized that it's been over 6 months since we participated in any real "homeschooling" and that it was time for me to kick it into hi-gear and start again.

OK when I say I was "homeschooling" I really mean TOT SCHOOL which is basically focused play time.  Hense the links on my nav bar to crafts and activities that we've done.

THIS TIME I will be focusing on a specific program for Zorro based on his interest, my resources and a few things I want him to learn.

Here's the plan:

Hooked on Phonics Preschool Program- This was a gift for Zorro from his Uncle and I've had it saved for a time such a this...or until he got too old to use it and I gave it away.

Little Pim Fun With Languages- There will be a review and giveaway this week! LOOK FOR IT!

Nutrition ala Super Healthy Kids  resources- Check out her blog! AWESOME ideas.

Raising Rock Stars Bible Studies- This woman is remarkable, what she has done not only with this program that she is creating but with the previously mentioned Tot School and other homeshooling. She is a resource you DON'T want to go without! Really.

And that's that.


Terra said...

I've been wanting to try the Hooked On Phonics. It was actually on sale at Target the other day, but I wasn't convinced that I should get it. Let me know how it works for ya'll.

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