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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Daily Portrait

I had a chance to do a review on a semi different kind of product called The Daily Portrait.

The Daily Portrait is in their words, " A personalized, commemorative, framed print that captures a milestone or special event within the context of the news of the day, creating a gift that only gets better with time."

When I first heard read about what it was i was intrigued by the idea. I love those little facts about what things were like when so and so was married or born so I thought it was a really neat idea to have it framed.

I had a home party and giveaway to do this review and was provided with some fun recipes that represented the different types events that can be used as your Daily Portrait such as:
 With a lot of help of my mother in law we made Diploma Roll Ups, Baby Feet Tea Sandwiches, Sparkling Celebration Punch, and Birthday Cake Cones.

My personal experience was that I was initially uncertain about how nice it would actually be but upon arrival I was blown away by how nice it was. It didn't look cheap the frame was nice, the matting was beautiful as well as the printing and the plate on it just topped it off. You are also able to pick the matting color and frame color of your choice by what's available in their options so you know you will be getting something that works for you or the receiver of the gift.

I think the price might be a bit on the steep side but for a nice wedding, anniversary gift I can see it being worth it. I would really like to see a smaller option of this at a lower cost or even an unframed version especially if you want to get one for each child.

This is definitely one to put on your list of unique gift options and I think well worth it as a special gift. The one I received will be an anniversary gift to my husband. I ordered the wedding one and my husband will love even more than I do reading all the facts that happened on our wedding day 6 years ago and even other days in's amazing how much things have changed in such a short period of time. Imagine looking back after 20 years. How cool is that?

Fine Print:
All reviews are my personal opinion and experience with products and services.
Others might have a different opinion. 
I received free product in exchange for this review.
Thank you to MOM SELECT and Milson Road for this opportunity


Daisygirl said...

oh my gosh I am doing this party on Sunday!!!! I was really pretty impressed with the portrait way cooler than I expected!

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

That is too funny. I just had my party as well. I will be writing my post up soon, but yours has priority. I had major issues on my transfer, got most of them worked out. So now, it is back to blogging.

BTW, I transferred my blog over to it's new site, I am not sure if you were following with GFC, but my feed is not updating. I have directions on my last post how to fix it, if you are interested!

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