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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Kitty Prize Pack GIVEAWAY {From 9Lives} Closed


  Elizabeth said...what cat would not love this!

Kitty lovers love to spoil their little furry friends. At least this kitty lover does. 9Lives has a really fun little kitty prize pack to make your kitty happy and YOU with some free food. 'Cuz ya know, you don't get to have a cuddly little creature unless you feed it.

So why 9Lives? Well, 9Lives did a survey that's found that while 94% of people think they are giving their cats the most nutritious meal possible, 48% admit to feeding their kitties table scraps and another 30% admit to giving kitties milk. Both of which may not be so healthy for you  kitties.

Some more Kitty nutrition misconceptions:

  • 23% of American pet parents think it´s beneficial to keep their cats on a purely vegetarian diet, while actually it may be harmful2
  • There are a number of foods that feline parents assume are healthy for cats, but are actually not advantageous to their health including root vegetables (73%), green tomatoes (54%), and raw potatoes (50%)3
  • Nine out of ten feline pet parents would be willing to switch foods if they knew it would provide better nutrition. In fact:
    • 92 percent of cat owners would switch foods if it would improve their cat´s health, and
    • 91 percent would switch food if they could add years onto their feline´s life
In an effort to educate pet parents about the common misperceptions of proper feline nutrition, 9Lives is committed to raising awareness to this issue by providing advanced nutrition for all cats. With the 9Lives Advanced Nutrient System, feline parents everywhere can rest assured knowing their cats are getting the essential nutrients they need to help promote healthy skin and coat, strong muscle growth and a healthy immune system among other benefits. 

And in an effort to to spread that awareness they are giving away this fun little prize pack:

WIN A kitty prize pack from 9Lives! 
{Shown above}

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jfcheese said...

My kitties would love this!

Elizabeth said...

what cat would not love this!

Mintsola AT yahoo DOT com

amweeks said...

My mom's cat would go wild for this prize package!!

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