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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Regression... The new line up

Have I totally regressed? I can't believe it. My ever "mature" Grey's Anatomy has been replaced. I'm so over it. Once George and Izzy left along with the general feel of the hospital with the new group of peeps etc.... I just kinda went blah. I have been a hard core Grey's fan for-ever. Sad.

But ya know what's really really sad? I'm totally into teenybopper shows. Did I just say "teenybopper?"
I have fully regressed from "life in your 30's" to "life in college" heck high school too. Maybe it's because I'm pushing the big 3-0!

So here's what you'll find on my DVR

I am so addicted to....{OMG}I can't believe I am saying this... Gossip Girl. Last season I happened to catch an episode and it was all downhill from there. I have now caught up and seen them all. I LOVE IT!

No surprise here but it's back to high school I go with GLEE. LOVE. Just love.

My newest add on as in starting this season, a friend turned me on to Big Bang Theory. SOOOOOO funny except the annoying sitcom "fake laughs" they throw in when something is funny as if I needed a reminder to laugh. lame.

So that's my new line up. What are you watching?


Connie W said...

I am so addicted to TV. I haven't watched Gossip Girl by maybe I need to.

Agree, that Greys just isn't the same...but I still love it.

And I love any show on Bravo. :)

Daisygirl said...

oh the Big Bang Theory....yes yes yes!!!

Ticia said...

I keep being told I need to watch Big Bang Theory.

For my "really I watch this?" is "How I met your Mother?" funny, but so inappropriate.

Bobbi said...

I don't really care for Grey's anymore either.
I love the Big Bang Theory! And Glee!

I've never watched Gossip Girl though.

Flying Giggles and Lollipops said...

At least you are not hooked on the cheesy reality shows I am so guilty of!

Jenny said...

I'm behind on my reading...evidently...I have to admit that I, too, watch Gossip Girl. I never tell anyone that. :)I even watched them filming it in NYC last year. I also watch One Tree Hill, not because it's so great but because I've never missed an I feel like I have to take it to the end. I still love Grey's, but my very favorite show right now is Life Unexpected. Watch it from the beginning if you haven't yet!

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