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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Seriously {Some People}

What I mean is, seriously I want to hit some people.

I took Zorro to the Dr's today and right after I parked this lady walks out to go to her car which happens to be right next to mine. I'm getting Zorro out and then she walks around to my side of the car then turns around and goes back to her car. I didn't look at her I was getting my dude taken care of then we start walking and she's behind stalking us on our heels. WTH

She says in a nasty tone, "You're parked a little to close to my car."

I'm thinking WHAT? Did she just say that? So I stopped turned around and looked at my car. I am completely within the lines but I am TOUCHING the line with my front wheel. When I say touching I mean touching. Not over, nothing...touching. And mind you, it was a DOUBLE line so there's lot's-o-room.

So I say, "Looks like I'm in in the lines."

She says in an angrier tone {I know! She keeps talking!} " Well I was barely able to squeeze into my car."

I say, "Well, I'm parked just fine. Sorry you're having a bad day."

and she storms off....

HA! But seriously are you joking me? She felt the need to approach me and attack me about my perfectly fine park job?

And people wonder why Californian's aren't friendly to strangers...

If I had a penny for every time someone approached me for some ridiculous thing I'd be able to buy the last guy who approached me a lifetime supply of alcohol.


Ticia said...

Bother, error messages.

So, maybe she's bored, or crazy, or who knows.

But, that would be an excellent example of why Jeff was going nuts our entire time out in California, he really missed Texas.

Nicole said...

Wow! Seems like a waste of energy! Very annoying but you handled it well! Good for you! =D

p.s. I am the worst at parking! haha BUT I do stay in the lines it is just not too pretty =D

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