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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Storage Issue

Storage always seems to be problem, well lack of it that is, especially when you have kids and toys that seem to always take over.

When I bought my couch set it came with this awesome and HUGE ottoman that I loved because it was safe because it's squishy and there are no hard corners. It's also steardy enough that you can place a tray on it and use it as a coffee table as needed. Brilliant, I thought. Then a short time later I realized I missed one huge and important thing...THERE'S NO STORAGE! Bummer for me.

I often love looking at different storage options and console tables even dream about replacing my current ottoman with a fabulous storage piece.

I was taking a look today and I fell in love this piece:

 Don't ask my why. I just really love it! I also really like this piece:

I like how you can flip the top over to make it either a coffee table or squishy bench/foot rest and of course storage! I think I would get this next time with these console tables:

Storage problem solved! -For now.


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