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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

JumpStart 3D Virtual World- Review & Giveaway {CLOSES 12/20/10)


I am re-posting this giveaway because the entrants of the last giveaway (ALL OF THEM) didn't have a link to an email or an email to reach them at. PLEASE if you're going to enter make sure you have an email or at least a public blog so I can post to your blog as a winner.


About a year ago I did a review of JumpStart. We loved it then and we love it even more now!
There's not too many online games I let Zorro play, in fact there's only two and this is one of them.

Story Land - D

JumpStart is a virtual world with areas that are made for kids of different ages and learning is the name of the game. Our favorite StoryLand which is not a new addition but one that Zorro always goes back to because he loves it so much. There's games and activities galore and the graphics are really cool. There is honestly so much to do it's mind-boggling and a little overwhelming at first until you learn how to maneuver through. 

Story Land - Monkey GameStory Land - Paint Program

Some of the new and really fun additions include Uncle Milton's Amazing ScienceLand, the Enchanted Sanctuary, where you can RAISE A DRAGON!!! (Dragons are a big thing at our place), FutureLand and MarineLand.

Dragon Birth CertificateDragon Bath 3

JumpStart is loaded with fun for kids of all ages! It's packed (and I mean PACKED) games and activities and they are constantly developing more, your kids will never get bored! OH! And a side note one membership account allows for 6 different logins so each of your kids has they're own world that they can save and go back to and not have to share. That's always a bonus!

Don't miss out on the learning and FUN!

WIN A 6 Month Membership to JumpStart!

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mommy days said...

thanks for this awesome giveaway! i would so love to win this for my lil girl.

Pattie Cordova said...

Great giveaway! My son would have fun with this.

Misty said...

Woohoo!!! This is the one I really really wanted to win! So glad it's being posted again!

my email is mnmzzmnm at gmail dot com


Stephanie said...

I would love to win for my little boy :)

Stephanie said...

oh and I now follow your blog also :)

Keri said...

this looks like fun! i think you know my email...
merry christmas!

Keri said...

i follow your blog by the way!! :)

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