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Saturday, February 21, 2009


Someone got a new bed!! You won't believe it but I got this rockin race car bed for FREE! I've been really really wanting to get Z a car bed and had been looking on Craigslist daily hoping for a killer deal. I wanted a twin size bed for him because we had a twin mattress already and it would last him a great deal longer. The problem was that twin went for almost triple the price of a toddler. I finally found a killer deal but by the time I contacted the person it was spoken for. Seriously sad, I just kept looking every morning and 3 days later someone posted this beaut in the WRONG section! Instead of listing under the free area it was under sales/wanteds. I jumped in 2 seconds, SURE it was gone, as it had been posted for about 2 hours by then. Minutes later we heard back and it was OURS! I couldn't believe it! STILL CAN'T! This puppy retails for $450 and the ones that usually are on sale for $150 on Craigslist (used) cost $300 retail. We so scored! And Z LOVES his bed He was so excited he ran and put on his bike helmit.


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