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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Aunt Candy

If Zorro could profess his undying love for someone right now you can be sure it would be Aunt Candy. Zorro named her Aunt Candy be cause he was trying to say her name but was so obsessed adding to the mouthfulls of candy she stuffed him with it came out as Candy instead. It was all too fitting though, and it will stick.

Aunt Candy always makes sure to give him TONS of sugar when she has him. He doesn't love her just because of the candy and sugar though, he just ADORS her and always has. She s great with him, she can be patient and everything that I just can't seem to be right now. It's such a blessing to have her in our lives and especially his. She provides a balance and gives him the kind of attention a toddler needs. With all his grandparents living far away, she sort of plays that role too.

She always makes him this happy!


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