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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tot School

I found the BEST blog EVER! I am really excited! It's called 1+1+1=1 written by a former preschool teacher and SM of 2 (almost 3) kids. She does this "homeschooling" for her toddler called "Tot School." I was imediately captivated by the idea and read on and on and on! (ok maybe I am little obsessive about things anyway but still). There's so much info, great project ideas and learning activities that are based on the idea of PLAY. It's not the force-your-kid-to-learn-until-they-cry-so-they-will -be-brilliant type of homeschooling that you will most likely encounter. Since it's based on play your "tot" will have tons of fun with a more structured time of play that focuses on building skills.

As I spent time reading about it and the ideas presented, I realized that many if the "tot tray" activities were things that I OFTEN saw Zorro doing that I would stop him from because it was too messy or I didn't want to deal with it. I realized that those activities are JUST the things he needs to be doing to encourage certain skills, plus he's naturally drawn to those activities anyway! As far as them being too messy, it's really only too messy when I am not there with him. And honestly, I don't (or hadn't) spend a lot of one on one time with Z so he really never did anything "messy." Messy toys were banned! Painting or items with small parts hardly every saw the light of day here. Now everyday for about 2 hours we have special time together and messy is OK! -Don't judge, I said I was not-so super ;)

Since starting Tot School with Z we are spending more quality time together and best of all he is feeling a sense of pride in his accomplishments. When he does something he thinks is particularly cool while we are doing TS or not he throws his hands up or claps and says, "yay." To the right you see Z with his "yay" hands.

Needsless to say "Tot School" is now an official part of our daily routine. Thank you Carisa for sharing your wonderful ideas.


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