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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tot School- Prep

I gathered lots of supplies from the Dollar Tree. I was completely blown away by the many many cheap crafty things they had there. I'm not crafty and had NO art supplies (not even more than a few crayons) so this was a great way to get started. I've never been a dollar store shopper, I am hooked now!

Some of the many things I got there include:
Pom Poms
Water color paints
Paint brushes
Training Scissors
foam paper stuff
foam stickers
regular stickers
small containers
Glass Dec "rocks" 2 types and colors
Pipe Cleaners
Dye Cuts
Assorted papers
pipe cleaners
coloring books
Sponge Brushes
colored zip ties
colored pencils
And many more things.

In all I spent about $40. I might sound insane for a Dollar store but read my list and remember we had NOTHING!

I also went to Michael's and bought
a paint tray
Finger paints

I don't remember everything I should have gotten a pic but I will get a photo of the end product and add later. I cleaned and resorted our office to store all the products and emptied out a plastic storage bin that I wasn't really using and sorted as best I could into there. Works for now but as I add more i will need more storage for sure. It was fun to gather everything all up. Now I have to make a plan with the exact activities I want to do with what I have gathered.

I should be fun...


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