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Friday, March 6, 2009

Tot School- Testing

I am SO happy announce that Tot School, the testing week went even better than I could have imagined! Zorro was completely engaged and I was a part of it, enjoying the time with him.

Our first activity was spooning. He LOVED LOVED LOVED it! One of his favorite things to do is cooking. He kept saying he was cooking. It it surprised me that he was trying to evenly place the star shaped rocks into the containers. Since I didn't think about volume I just gave him the whole pack of rocks and when he could no longer spoon them in he used his hands to pack them in until the bowl was empty.

This activity he was pouring rice from one container to another. He enjoyed it. Once again said he was cooking. He liked using the funnel. I will use different containers next time though. The ones I chose he couldn't help but spill like crazy.

This activity was really fun for Z. I bought this sugar shaker at the Dollar Tree specifically for this activity because it looked so fun. He was so into getting the spaghetti into the holes. Next time we will use wooden skewers because there was so much broken spaghetti for my sanity.

This last activity we did while I was watching another tot just about his age and she is SO well behaved I knew she could handle it. Z on the other hand has never finger painted before. Can you guess why? Yes, its messy. Ha Ha

By the end of the week, I learned a few things. Things are not so messy if you are right there engaging with your child. I confess, I hardly engage in many activities with him which is why this is so fabulous. I feel like I am not just shooting in the air at things to do and getting frustrated that it's not working out or antsy to do other things. Since there are many things to choose from and the time and activities are semi structured, I can focus on doing that. We both win!


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