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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Successful Disaster- Peters Canyon

I finally made it outside today. It's hard getting out but for Zorro's sake I try to get out so he can get some energy out and enjoy the outdoors. He loves being outside and I don't want to mold him into lazy outdoor hating person because of my issues. Still it doesn't happen very often and most of the time I just feel guilty.

Today a friend of mine who is 8 months pregnant and an outdoor fiend held me to my offer of going hiking (or generally walking outside in a semi wooded area). Of course I said yes when she asked if I wanted to fro several reasons: I need to get my own butt moving; The never ending pangs of motherhood guilt were telling me I MUST take Z out or else; And we're trying to ween our over 2 year old off the bottle so he's a sleeping wreck right now and i figured if I tire the crap out of him he will finally sleep (and us too)!

Everything starts out great Z is running and enjoying nature. Then we take a turn thinking its the "easy way" to bipass the hills. Well, turns out that actually it was just a longer way around and after another 20 min or so of walking we ended up at the hill again. By this time it's starting to get pretty warm and we had been on the trail for about an hour. Z is tired and actually asking to be held (which means he MUST be tired) but there is NO way with the amount of time we had left to get back to where we started (we had to turn back on the trail minus the extra long added circle) that I could carry him. He's way too heavy at 35 lbs and I'm way to weak let alone I have a hard enough time carrying myself! We manage to make it back to a REAL short cut this time, my shoulders hurt from carrying Z and Z being wiped out by this time really wants nothing more then to relax and enjoy his surroundings. So I ran ahead to the car while they waited off the trail for me to pick them up.

In the end we walked about an hour and a half. I met and exceeded my daily goals for movement and excersize and S got to explore nature and was pretty tuckered out. Nap time didn't come as easily as I had hoped after it but I can be happy that I met Z's needs to be I feel a little less guilty.


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