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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tot School- Copy Cats

This week is the week I went to court with my friend for her custody battle so we did very little as we were out of town for a few days. But we still had fun and tried lots of new things. I am calling this COPY CAT week because 3 out of 4 of the posted activities were others ideas. AND they were WONDERFUL ideas I might add. :)

This first one I got on Totally Tots. It's a farm animal matching game. Zorro is really into animals, second only to his HUMONGOUS obsession to any moving vehicle. He had fun identifying the animals and matching them up. He did really well with the matching. Much better than I though the would. In fact he only had a tiny bit of help from me. I was impressed with my little dude!

ACTIVITY COST: $0 -we had the paper, printer, laminator and folder.

This Curious George Tot-Book I got from One Little, Two Little. Z really likes C George. He has had lots of fun with this book. This is the second COMPLETE tot book that I have made. The first was a Primary Color Tot-Book made by Rocker Mom. We've been using that one for a few months now and it's pretty thrashed. We keep it in the car. We have printed and used elements of other but I have not gone as far to make a book out of them yet.

ACTIVITY COST: $0 -we had the paper, printer, laminator and folder.

Since I have a slight obsession with Carisa's Blog and all the AMAZINGLY creative activities she has dreamed up, I of course have copy-catted her several times over and then some. I have been saving water bottle lids FOREVER to finally be able to present this Bottle Top Name Cards Activity to Z. He LOVED LOVED LOVED it! And if I was every impressed with this guy, it would have been then. He ROCKED this activity! Totally matched the letters like a pro. O.K. I'm gushing, but you gotta know, he is anti ABC's and can't identify any of them, so I never thought he would match even one of them. He got em all with NO help from me. COO-OOL!

ACTIVITY COST: $0 -we had the paper, printer, laminator and begged for the bottle tops.

Z did so well with the Bottle Tops tat I thought maybe I could try another activity with letters and not have him run away in anguish just by the mere sight of it. I was sorting through some hand-me-down toys that I have kept away because they were not quite age appropriate and I found this Alpha Train Puzzle. He loved putting it together and I even got him to say a few letters. It's a positive start, maybe he's finally ready to start getting some ABC's in.

ACTIVITY COST: $0 The Alpha Train was a hand-me-down. LOVE RE-USED!

I love checking out all the blogs posted at Tot School and I look forward to much copy-catting soon! I already have a HUGE list!


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