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Monday, April 6, 2009

Super Healthy Kids (.com)

I recently stumbled upon this very cool and very informative website/blog. If you're anything like me and need some great ideas for getting your kids to eat healthy foods, make them appealing, or just general recipes and meal ideas this is SO the place for you. Not only is there a ton of info but it's usable! I see blogs and sites all the time that are all about nutrition and healthy living but everything so just too complicated. For me simplicity is what keeps me going, and makes me want to continue. I mean, why else would we get fast food right? It's simple and easy, certainly NOT more delicious then a fresh home cooked meal!
In addition to basic nutrition and meal ideas, there are lots of tips and general info on healthy living. I love this because it's encouraging to me. I find that in times when I don't even want to bother, there's a great post that gets me re-thinking getting fast food or getting active, etc....
If you're always struggling to keep things healthy like me, this is a MUST to check out! If you are a total nutrition pro, you'll love finding new ideas and sharing your own.

Check it out and then tell me what you think! I subscribe to the blog to get a daily dose. :)


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