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Saturday, May 2, 2009

The $69 MISTAKE!

I had a brilliant idea.

I thought Zorro is nearly 2 1/2 and he can only get into Disneyland for free for like 8 more months I'd better get a D-land pass for me so I can take him for free while I can. Besides I wont buy 2 passes later and we plan on moving out of CA once D graduates anyway.

Nevermind that I don't like D-land and I had always thought when I went there that it really was no place for children especially younger ones (my personal opinion). Nevermind that I felt sick when I went there before because of what it was promoting, the way people acted, how LOUD the rides were and nightmarish. Nevermind. I was GOING to do it. If I was ever going to do it the time would be now. I talked myself into it.

The day we were going to go just happened to be my friend's BDay who has a 5 yr old son and have D-land passes. I had previously told her we were going to get the passes so she was excited for us to come along with them. Just before she got there I had that deep panic-y feeling inside that it wasn't a good decision. I tried to bow out and I know she felt so let down.
NEVERMIND that my therapist (yes I see one of those) told me that I need to stop trying to please other people especially if it was at the expense of family. UGH!

Yes, I'm totally confessing here... I gave in not wanting to let her down and convinced myself again to go, that it would be ok.


We got there walked around for a bit then went on 1 ride. We went on some Winnie the pooh ride. It was creepy, dark, and was a nightmare/dream ride thing. The sounds were too loud and the whole short ride (THANK GOD!) I felt like I was going to vomit. In a rush all of my feelings about why I don't like it came back, I felt sick. I compromised my personal feelings about it, and most importantly my son.

After that ride my friend took her son on Pirate's and didn't understand at all why I wouldn't take Z. I said, "see ya!" And made a beeline strait for City Hall & The Bank of D-land to find out about getting a refund.

I would love to say that they were ever so kind and accomidating considering they make enough money to singlehandedly feed every starving person on Earth and then some. But, alas, what I figured would would be a big fat, "NO" was just that. "Unfortunately, we cannot refund annual passes", "Ya, those rides can be scary for little ones", "We have a SPECIAL list for younger children with a list of rides etc..." NO WAY! Not having it. Talked to a supervisor he said since I was admitted (a whole HOUR ago) I had to pay for the day but they would "downgrade" my pass to a single visit.

Whatever $65 back is something even though they could have totally refunded me.


Maybe I needed to spend $70 to learn it.


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