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Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekly Theme Box

Z with all the goodies
I promise I didn't force him to smile...well...ok maybe

I decided it would be REALLY helpful for both Z and I if I plan the weeks in ADVANCE!

I started collecting things that we would for the week like a 1 or 2 things from the dollar store, printables that I printed in advance and a list of all the plans and activities for the week. I would also put the pre-prepped craft pieces and supplies in baggies for each activity that we would do for the week with a note of what it was in the baggie. When the week started I would put the crafts, in the daily drawers we use, the other activity supplies in a "weekly grab basket" for me as well as my list to refer to.


Yes, there's prep but I can do it at night when Z is asleep while relaxing and watching a show so it's not too painful. And the prep time is SO worth it! Our crafts have gone smoother and our days too. The prep time ends up giving me BACK triple the time is took to prep because I am not fighting with a toddler while I try to get it done or running back and forth getting items I forgot or having to run to the store to pick up that supply...

So, on to my REAL point. I had these ready made kits and decided that this was a GREAT way to kick off the week. Instead of opening them myself and putting everything away, I would present a box with the kit to Zorro and let him open it to see all the goodies for the week. The theme for week is presented to him and he gets to see all the little surprises that await him that the week. TOTAL HIT!

Then it's off to the Library we go...

Here's some pics of a box this theme is bugs:

Up close..for our bug week
I got a bug catcher at the dollar store
Magnifying glasses also at the dollar store (oops! Not in photo)
Print outs and coloring pages
Fake bugs in dollar section at Target
Butterflies in a craft bag from dollar store to use on craft
A piece of bug fabric for a project I will explain another time
Each baggie is a craft with all he pieces that are pre prepped
And a note with the rest of the activities I want to squeeze


K, @ Heart NOW Orange Juice! said...

Keri, You asked what I would do with the "bug" stuff when we are done with it. I plan on saving it in a large "school" box with other things that we use for other themes. I figure I will have plenty of chances to use them again either in other Theme weeks or just general lessons later. If he really loves something and gets a lot of use out of it, I will let Z keep it. If I can use it as an ongoing learning tool, I will keep it with those items that I keep in a separate room to take out specifically for learning.
I hope that made sense!

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