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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I always think after finals are over I will be so relieved and happy that D is home with us. And I am for about 2 seconds. Then I dread every second I have to wait for the results of the finals.


Particularly this semester because D had a rough semester and expected to not do to well.

WELL grades are in and we are both extremely relieved and actually thrilled with the grades! You see, the first year of law school was REALLY bad. Just like "they" say it is. He was ranked very low and had a really low GPA.

This year marked a new course for D though. He started our tremendously and brought his GPA up a TON and has kept it up. When I say a ton, I mean seriously it was a pretty huge jump.

So grades are in and his GPA is still up up up, despite the fact he thought he did poorly. It's a great way to end the semester.

Did I mention we're going on a SPECIAL date this weekend!!?! So excited. We NEVER go on dates.


Christy said...

My husband and I are both attorneys so I know how tough that first year can be. Congrats to your husband for making it through the year.

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