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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Reality (TV) Bites!

Seriously, this season of reality TV SUCKS! Here's the list of reality shows my DVR records:

1. Biggest Loser
2. American Idol

First of all let me say I didn't watch either of them from the beginning not even my Fave, The Biggest Loser. I'm actually a Grey's (Anatomy) girl. But somehow I landed on Biggest Loser midway through the season and was STUCK!

American Idol I started watching just about a month ago when my cousin started staying with us a couple nights a week (his show)..and of course I got hooked.

If anyone watches either of these shows you know how much all of the finales were HUGE let downs! HUGE!

Tara should have won Biggest Loser COME ON!

Adam should have won American Idol! AHHHH! I mean HELLO KISS came out to perform with Adam and Queen (well, the band at least) came out too! Don't tell me they were going to have Kris sing with KISS yeah right.


And speaking of Grey's... UH? WHAT?!? LAAAAAAAME! They didn't have to kill them BOTH. They must really wanted to close ANY opportunity for them to return. SHEESH!


Christy said...

I used to watch American Idol but I couldn't get into it this year. I love The Amazing Race and So YOu Think You Can Dance.

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