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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mommy Book Review- The Science of Parenting

If you're like me and find the brain and development fascinating you will love this book! It's really just amazing!

Unlike most parenting books, this doesn't focus on one Dr's or person's belief in parenting. While it does subscribe to the belief of attachment parenting it's not just for building a bond between parent and child, it's because of the brain and WHY it's important.

This is based in the science of how the brain works, functions, and develops. How we as humans in general, babies and children respond to life around us. It shows brain scans and how the brain is active or not active in certain areas depending of particular life circumstances. For example the emotional & psychological effects of an abandon child and how certain parts of the brain are not active like a child who was raised in a loving home.

My son has some pretty bad sleep problems and I found myself becoming very impatient and snappy and sometimes just angry because struggles could go on until the early hours of the morning. The book has helped me to understand WHY it's so difficult for him in particular and that my way of getting him to sleep was damaging to him long term. I have become more patient and understanding with him. Our nights aren't perfect and they require more energy than before but I know that I am giving him what he needs for the most part and I feel good about it now.

While the book is scientific it's not dry and difficult to read. One thing you can always count on with DK Publishers is their books are always easy to read and full of glossy photos to keep you interested. I love their books for adults and children alike.

If you are interested in a scientific approach to (attachment) parenting and are fascinated by the brain and psychology you will love this book!


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